about us

«Captain Stamatis Group» is a 100% Greek, family company located in the Industrial Area of Thessaloniki. «Captain Stamatis Group» produces and promotes in both local and global markets its premium quality products, which are 100% natural and produced only from Greek raw materials.

They are separated in two categories:

  • Greek Natural Sea Salt Flakes “GREEK SALT FLAKES”
  • Greek Natural Olives “OLIVE’S EARTH”

Our team of experienced and visionary executives has already created a successful business path and is ready to provide a reliable network of services to its customers based on the necessary quality controls of the international standards.


Our primary concern is to produce foodstuffs with high nutritional value, respecting the centuries-old tradition of olives in Greece and in the Mediterranean, where they are established as the basis of our nutritional chain.

Our vision is for our products to reach every household in Greece and beyond, promoting our country’s tradition in the cultivation and preparation of olives and their by-products.

And we pledge that our elevated sense of responsibility and our love for what we do, together with our ever-increasing experience and knowledge about our activity, will forever inform the philosophy our company and govern all of our production processes for products intended for human consumption.

Its inspirer and creator is Mr Konstantinos Stamatis, a descendant of Captain Stamatis Georgiadis, a hero from 1821 who travelled around the world as seaman, Mr Konstantinos Stamatis has dedicated his life to continue his family tradition in commerce.

few words from our Director

Our goal-purpose is to produce high quality food, rich in nutritional values.

The procedure begins with the improvement of the existing products and continues with the creation of new products, which are capable of meeting the demands of our consumers.

Our partners are experienced professionals who have excelled in many fields.

We are evolving and thus creating only natural products that are friendly towards the environment, as well as preserving our planets precious resources for the future generations.